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The Gypsy's Wagon - Part Six

Part Six
      It was time for the party. The Andalusians had joined the Balkan gypsies and the celebrations were over three days of communal life exchanging food, traditions, and folklore.       
     At night, the Balkan’s violins, joined the Andalusia’s guitars, competing in creating the best sweet-sad tunes of their music, with gypsies dancing in the rhythms of their passionate music.
      The Andalusians were also echoing to those rhythms with the sound of Castanetas and Tambourinos and exclaiming with loud Olas at the culminating points of the dance.
       It was on that occasion that the two chieftains agreed to join forces and travel together into Spain, with the Andalusians leading the way over the Pyrenees’ crossing. This decision was welcomed by Joko who wasn’t familiar with that country.
     Ida was excited. This opportunity offered her the possibility of seeing more of that Andalusian’s, the tall, slim one.  She noticed that he kept looking at her with interest and on that night they danced together several times.
 She thought,  “He is divine. I like Ravnos. He is so different from the others. He is such a mature person, and so clever. He knows so many things.”
      Ida remembered when two weeks ago they had a sick horse in the camp. None of the gypsies knew how to save the animal. But fortunately Ravnos came to their camp that day. He looked at the horse, spending time to check this and that.
    Finally he spoke to the others, “To save the horse’s life I have to operate on him. It has an inflamed gland that block the air to its lungs. It must be done sooner then tomorrow to guarantee his life. Within a week the animal will be fine again.”
        The horse was saved from death and the gypsies praised Ravnos for his talents, saying that he was certainly possessed by magical powers.
       Ida became fond of Ravnos and she liked the way he moved his hands, to emphasize his speech. She also liked the deep tone of his voice, and she was attracted by the vast knowledge of things he could talk about.
       But that was all. Ida was puzzled and disappointed also. Ravnos, contrary of other young men, never spoke sweet words of love to her.
      ‘Why?’ Ida questioned herself.
      She knew he was single. Speaking to other Gitano, she learned that he didn’t have a lover. Ida knew also she was an attractive young woman, and knew many young Gypsies had shown interest in marring her. But why hadn’t Ravnos shown such interest?
      “Why?” Then Ida thought, “If he doesn’t ask me to be his woman, I’ll take the initiative.
       “I’ll ask my Grandmother. She will tell me how to cast a spell over him and how to prepare the magical elixir so he will loosen up his tongue and declare his love. I want him. I’ll make sure Ravnos, willing or not, will be my man."
       That evening, the two groups of gypsies were together as usual. The violins of the Gypsies mixed, once more, with the guitars of the Gitanos, rising romantic melodies.
       Both the group of gypsies became light-spirited, inebriated, while drinking wine.
       A sweet perfume of wild flowers, floated in the air, coming from the near forest and announcing the oncoming spring.
        It was the message announcing that time had come to return to Spain and such desire was evident in them.
        Ida had sensed that the dreams of her future would come true. On that evening she looked gorgeous, dressed in her brightest gypsy costume. She was confident in the magical powers of the elixir, prepared by her grandmother. It would work the miracle of love.
        She longingly waited for Ravnos to disclose his hidden desires. Without words, she transmitted her wish to make love to him and her desire was clear on her face.    
         Her blouse had a deep décolleté that emphasized the roundness of her breast, large and erect, visible from behind the thin material. She was emotional, and her sexual desires were clearly acknowledged by her companion.
         Ravnos explicitly read on her lips, “I’m ready for you Ravnos. I want to be your woman and make love to you. My body craves for your. I want to be yours for ever.”
        On that evening, Ida was pleased to find Ravnos an easy prey because of the magic spell she had cast, and the conspiracy of the elixir of love she had mixed secretly in his drink, everything ran smoothly and worked in the way she had planned.
         They danced for a short time. Then Ida took the initiative and taking Ravnos’s hand, said to him, “It’s such a beautiful night and the sky is covered with the most brilliant stars. I can see the moon rising from the nearby forest. This is a magical conspiracy inviting the lovers to walk into the woods. Please Ramnos let’s go to explore the magical place. When we reach the woods let us make a wish. There is a saying in our people telling that the wishes, made under the influences of the rising moon’s and the power combines with the magic dominance of the Great Forest Mother, will come true. Let’s go Ravnos, we’ll not be disappointed.”
       It was the prearranged night, in which they exchanged their vows of love, and found the pleasure of sharing the warmth of their bodies for the first time.
       In the unwritten law of their people, that became the consummation of their marriage, binding them as husband and wife. On their return to the camp, they officially repeated their promises of love, and were accepted by the gypsy community, standing in front of the campfire.
      On their first night together they had so many things to explore, to completely cherish their desires. Ida was touched by the unexpected joys of making love with her man after her first emotional moment of surprise and pain, when he first entered her. She recovered rapidly and was overwhelmed by the new sensation of pleasure, and asked him again, to savor those enjoyable moments of love. Her desire of love multiplied the pleasure of sharing their bodies.

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