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It Happen Around the Gulf of mexico - English version - Conclusion



      In a few weeks it will be three years since we first started working at the City of the Sun. Those few people that originally had come with me to explore and search for the lost Mayan civilization had now finished the time covered in our contract. They will happily return home and resume their old positions held before the start of this venture.

    I will hand over my powers to Doctor Velasquez. He will be the person directly responsible to the Mexican Government in the future.

     Texana will not be the major sponsor for future works in this part of Mexico. The only thing which I have asked, is my request to the Mexican government, is to empower the Old Priest, as the spiritual leader and guide of the Mayan city, in return for all the help he gave us in decoding the legends on the lid.

   I have also asked that he and his people of Fisherman Island, be the accredited guides to those who will come in future times to visit these archeological discoveries.

      I will spend the next six months touring Europe, sponsored by Texana of England.  From Claremarie I have received the proposed itinerary and the scheduled dates of the tour of conferences regarding the discoveries of the City of the Sun. Again it would be a very compelling time.

     Some time ago, when I received the first proposal and projected times for the expected European conferences, I asked to my assistant and sometimes lover, Doctor Maria Dejesus, to be with me as part-speaker on these seminars.

    I owe her for her capable work and as result for her capabilities many good outcomes have been discovered in this exploration we are just completing. She is the most accredited person to relate to the critics and the public, regarding her discoveries of the Mayan culture, that she learned, while decoding the Mayan tablets and codes we had found in the lost city.

    She enthusiastically accepted my offer, and added with a bit of sarcasm,

    “I must come with you to London, or else I will never be sure if ever you will return back to me. Do you know why? I havent completely given away my dreams of being your wife one day, my dear Charlie.”

    “Thank you for forgiving my bad behavior of the past.”

   “I hope you will soon reconsider your position and you will seriously ask me to marry you.”

    “No commitments on this point yet.”

    “What will we do then after we have completed our conferences around Europe?”

    “Relax for a few months in Italy. I still have my fathers villa on a Tuscan hill, with the Chiantis vineyard and olives trees. It would be only for a few months as it isnt time yet to put any roots anywhere. I have other projects for the future.

    “I heard that in Peru, over the high peaks of the Andes, there exist unexplored remains of the past Incas civilization. It is rumor of the existence of a lost city that the Conquistadores missed at the time they conquered the country in the early sixteen century.

. “I want to try my luck there, starting with an initial visit to the area. If there is any possibility of success, I will organize an expedition with the help of Texana. Im confident Rick will give his support to it.”

       “I felt Maria panicking, while I was telling her, and she cried,

       “What about me? Will you leave me behind?”

       “Ill give you the option to come with me on the first exploration, but the second would be more suitable. I warn you that there will be many difficulties on those high peaks, and the forest in Chile is even larger and denser then here in Mexico. I know you well, and Im sure you will consider my offer. Your spirit of adventure, and resistance to fatigue, are even greater then mine.”

     “Can I accept such an offer now? You are my devil. I cannot let you go alone!”        


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