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It Happen Around the Gulf of mexico - English version - Part Nine



     That was my last night with Claremarie. The tiredness of my last few days was completely forgotten. I was ready to let myself go in the arms of my lover, Claremarie, capable of conceding to me such delicious sexual fulfillment.

    We sat on the camp bed, in our last night of passion and love. Claremarie was kissing me, as she used to do, and at the same time her hands were undoing the buttons of my shirt till she found my bare chest, and kissed my nipples arousing my desires.

   “You are so amazing, Charlie.”  She whispered.

     Her slightly parted lips showed her perfectly chiseled white teeth ready to nibble with all her lust, and to take me completely under her spell. I was breathing heavily inhaling the aroma of her aroused body. The intense fragrance of her perfume intoxicated me, waiting those moments of passion, to relieve my great expectations.   

    A bird, faraway in the forest, sent his sharp nocturnal call, followed then by its muffled laugh, then there was only silence, the silence of pleasure, harmony and sensual abandon, while Claremarie was caressing my nude torso. The nearness of her warm body again raised the desire inside me.

    My breathing grew more rapid, while she placed her hands over my burning flesh and kept kissing me all over. My God, how much I wanted her. My manhood hardened in desire. I ran my fingers through her hair, begging her not to stop her magical caresses.

Claremarie let me know her willingness to have her once more, while she was closing her eyes and purring like a cat in love. I didn’t urge her. I let my desires grown in rhythm.

      “I want you.” She said.

      We let ourselves go into the abandonment of all around us. That night wasnt long enough to completely exhaust our desires.

      Claremarie murmured that she loved me.  

     “Why do you love me Claremarie? Why do you want me? You could have anybody.”

     “Because I do, because the way we are, and because I like to be with you. It doesnt have to have a reason.”

     “We live apart in different worlds, Claremarie. We could never be together. Your life is lived in grandeur in the cities, mine in the wilderness, chasing the ghosts of the past. It will never be possible for us to live together, you know this.”

     “Love is not rational, but I dont think it is irrational for me to love you. Its time for me to have someone to share my life, and thats doesn’t mean I have to marry someone. That is again my principle.”

  “You have so many lovers in London, there, would be someone suitable for your needs.”   

     “Im serious Charlie. Im talking of you and me. I come to realize that I like and love you. We can live together in London. I can find a good working position for you in some of the museums there. Finally, I want you to be the one fathering my son.”

   “I will think about what you are asking, but I know I wouldn’t like to live in a large city for too long. It would be like locking a wild animal in a cage. Im born free Claremarie, but I promise we will talk again on this matter when I will come to London for my tour.”



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