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It Happen Around the Gulf of Mexico - English Version - Part Three

It Happen Around the Gulf of Mexico
English Version Part Three
     I took four people with me for the initial exploration. Maria was in the group as she was the most competent to assist me in my work. She also knew how to speak different Mayan dialects. Over the past few years, since the discovery of the City of the Moon, she had become an expert in decoding the Mayan writing, something imperative to the success of our ventures.
Our expedition had two barges and one carried our equipment. We moored at the larger island that we had previously saw from the helicopter that we called ‘Fishermen Island’.
     The locals initially hid away, but then, invited by Maria’s call, they came curiously and accepted our goodwill gifts. They were pleased to talk with Maria in their Mayan language and told her, “We were expecting you from long time. In our legends is written that the gods will return one day. Seeing you we thought time had come for the legend to come true. Our fathers have foretold that one day the gods will return to revive the City of the Sun that lay asleep in the quietness of the jungle.”
     I found this was quite an interesting preamble. I spoke to them through Maria,
   “My friends, we are not your gods, but it is true that we are here to restore the splendor of the city around the world into a new life and the memories of your gods will be known again. But to do so we need your help to reach the City of the Sun, and to revive it to its splendor.”
   An old man, with a grave face full of dignity replied, “I am the priest of the city and the guardian of the inheritances of the past. I’ll pray and make offers to the gods, and ask them to accept you in the City of the Sun. In the meantime be our guest. I will let you know the answer of the gods.”
    I needed the Priest’s cooperation and his valuable help for a possible good result throughout my work, so I told him, “I give offers for your gods. We have come in peace and we wish only to resurrect their past glories and the splendor of their city.”
    “Be in peace stranger. I know you came as a friend and I’m sure you will be acceptable by the gods.”
      Maria, with her sweet talks, was able to initiate the wanted friendship with the local Mayan descendants. We needed their help to cut a path through the jungle, to reach the hill where the City of the Sun was. Also I needed the Old Priest to explain to me the Mayan traditions and legends, a great help in understanding the life of those people analyzing the remains in the City of the Sun.
       Three days after, the priest came to us and said,
       “The Gods have spoken back. They have accepted your offers, and tomorrow with the full moon high in the sky, we will congregate in prayers and to celebrate our friendship.”

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