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It Happen Around the Gulf of Mexico - English Version - Part Two

It Happen Around the Gulf of Mexico

English version Part Two



     The helicopter flew low over the water following the curves of the river.  The vegetation grew much thicker as we moved inland. The river created marshes along the plain and broke slowly in many little channels away from the main stream, and building a series of small sand islands below us.

    Upstream, the waters opened into a calm lagoon and divided into two channels which formed a large island in the center, giving life to a fisherman village, where nets hung around the huts. This was the last inhabited place. Further up the land was suffocated by the jungle with no evidence of human life.

    It was late in the afternoon, and the shadows were thrown to the east.

   We were trying to recreate that same angle of the sun, at the time that those aerial photos were taken showing the pyramids shadow.

     The sunset advanced rapidly and the sun would soon disappear over the horizon leaving us with a slim chance of seeing the pyramid shadow today.

     Suddenly Ricks clear voice cracked in the microphones, “Turn the chopper around, what we are looking for is there on our right.”

    As the pilot steered his helicopter around, we could clearly see the impressive stepped shade of the pyramid in front of us. We could also distinguish between the vegetation, a long cleared narrow corridor standing on one side of the pyramid. The rest appeared to be thick growing vegetation, mixing with the jungle behind.

    I was jubilant. Certainly the remains of a Mayan city were in front of us. Instinctively, I raised my thumb to Rick,

   “Yes partner, our city is here. I owe you so much for this.”

     We took photos until darkness and then the helicopter returned to the platform of the oil rig over the sea. That night Rick and I spent many hours discussing our discovery.

     “It seems that the city had been abandoned hundreds of years ago, well before the Conquistadores occupied this part of Mexico. Im sure of that Rick. Then the tropical vegetation took over the city and hid the location until now.”

    “I must admit that luck has been on our side. How do you intend to reach the city?”

     “We can use some cargo barges up to the fishermens island and establish a base there.   

     “From there, we will have to cut a path across the jungle until we reach the top of the hill where the city is. We need proper equipment and expert people for the job. I estimated there are about ten miles from the city to the island, but a road isnt of vital importance immediately. Initially I will go with a small group of people, and well cut a narrow path as we proceed.”

   “When will you be ready to go?”

    “Within two months.”





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