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Raccinti inediti di un Novantenne - A Song of Love - Part 2 - English version

Part Two
On his last night in Venice, Gianni visited the Manin again. After dinner he patiently waited outside the restaurant till closing time. He hid away, in the dark of the porch waiting to see Annemarie for the last time. He was hoping she had changed mind. But when she appeared, it wasn’t enough courage in him to ask her again. He sighted and miserably thought that he couldn’t survive without the woman that he had created with his fervent imagination. He was broken hearted by her rejection. On that thought a knot of despair closed his throat, and knew he had lost any reason to exist. In front of him it was only an acceptable solution. His soul couldn’t accept any compromise. Without hesitation he made those few steps separating him from the deep waters of the Canal Grande. He jumped from the jetty. He couldn’t swim, and the weight of his body soon dragged him to the bottom. Water rapidly was filling his lungs and panic took him for a short time. With a great effort he regained the surface, but he sink again with his arms, above the surface, beating in desperation the crispy water… Consciousness left him and life was rapidly leaving his body…
It was Gilberto, while he was closing the restaurant that heard noise in the canal. With a glance saw the last furious Gianni’s fight with life. Gilberto didn’t hesitate and impulsively jumped from the jetty. He saw Gianni’s body sinking rapidly to the bottom of the canal and could grab his coat while he emerged to the surface and pushed Gianni over the jetty. He started to resuscitate him; finally he vomited the water out from his lungs. Gilberto had courageously save Gianni from death and took him into the restaurant. Both of them were wet and frozen and Gilberto half-filled two glasses of cognac to warm up and accelerate the blood circulation.
“I owe you, Mr. Levi. I apologize for my stupid decision, and without your help, I would be death. I certainly made a mistake of judgment about somebody. I was wrong, and I hope to learn from it.”
“Well, you are lucky indeed, a minute longer and nobody would have been able to save you from dead.”
“I know that one day I’ll be able to pay back this favor, Mr. Levi. Can I ask you to keep for yourself what’s happening tonight? That can be detrimental to my business’s life.” 
It was autumn and the first fog had descended over Venice, transforming the city from the bright crowed one, loved by the tourists, to a semi-deserted place inhabited only by the locals.
Business at the Manin was good as usual. The only thing that changed was the earlier closing time, with Tuesday night the quietest of all. One Tuesday, after closing time a special celebration took place. It was Annemarie thirtieth birthday and the party had been kept secret to surprise her.
The chef had prepared a chocolate and Maraschino cake, with the usual candles. Murano glasses, filled with Riccadonna Spumante were served around for the toast. The friends and coworkers had given Annemarie their gift an expression of their love.
Gilberto, on that occasion, gave her an exquisite Venetian necklace, a valuable jewel crafted in the eighteen century, and adorned with a large black pearl. It was a family jewel which had belonged to his grandmother and was of great sentimental value to him.
With that present Gilberto intended to let her know of his aspiration to have Annemarie as his wife, a way to ask her again to make the final commitment.
Marco was taken by surprise. Nobody had told him about the birthday party, and he was empty handed for the occasion. He thought quickly and took from the grand-piano a couple of handwritten musical sheets. At the bottom he wrote, “I am your greatest admirer, Annemarie. You are inspirational to my work. I haven’t any riches to offer you tonight, only my heart, my love and my music. This is my latest creation, which I completed last night thinking of you. This song is the expression of my love for you.”   
From all the presents Annemarie received that night, Marco’s was the one that reached her heart, and the bond with Marco, which had started unnoticed the night she first listened his music, became stronger. Now her feelings were a mixture of emotions capturing her completely. The burning desires and the calm following the thundering of the senses created by the music that Marco had written especially for her.
She asked for silence and told her friends, “I haven’t words to express my gratitude to you. Thank you for the love you have shown me tonight and the great party. I have special thanks for Marco. Have you yet given a name to this composition? If not please call it ‘A Song of Love’. But more importantly, would you please play this song and let the music inundates our souls. Knowing your other compositions, I’m sure my heart will be touched.”
Marco bowed to her before sitting to the piano. A melodious, sweet, soft but melancholic music echoed around the vast room of the Manin. The presents listened silently to his message of love expressed in a different way, where words had never been written, spoken only with the sound of the purest notes.
Annemarie listened in trance, her eyes semi-closed absorbing Marco’s musical message. She knew that the coming night would be a night of love, where the carnal contact of their bodies would return the most exquisite sensual joy.
The party was still in full swing when Marco and Annemarie left together ignoring the others still enjoy the festivity. Hand in hand they crossed Piazza San Marco going directly to the quay. A Tragetto took them to the other side of the canal, over to La Giudecca. They walked, holding hands as loves use, along La Fondamenta San Eufemia. 
In front of them was the church of San Giorgio, but they disappeared into a blind alley, before reaching it.
Marco lived in a tiny two room flat having skylights above the rooms, from where moonlight entered the rooms with pale rays, and partially obscured by the rising fog from the lagoon.
 Marco let the rooms be illuminated only by the evanescent moonlight, which still reflected the shadow of their bodies on the parquetry floor. In this enchanted atmosphere they started to explore each other. He was eager to have her completely, but at the same time felt the need to pinch her already hard nipples, to have her screaming out the total pleasure of their initial desires. He desired to cover her entire body in kisses, but equally wanted to torment her body in punishment, slapping hard her bottom till she cried out the pleasure of her arousing.
Nevertheless, even in his dominating way Marco was subdued by Annemarie seduction. She pulled Marco to the bed, and played with his manhood, increasing his burning desire. The fire of love was overpowering his capacity to resist such turmoil. There was an urgency in them, stronger than they have been through before, an ardor which didn’t know limits.
Marco slipped Annemarie dress away from her shoulders, and her bosom became exposed in this ritual and totally she abandoned herself to the man will. Any possible barrier that could still exist between them was removed. It was only left their carnal desire to be consumed to return the apex of happiness.
Marco was feverish. The contact of her hot body over his skin, was a gentle caress multiplying the needs of his desire, and sent a quivering sensation down his spine. The touch of her lips over his neck was like molten lava burning in his blood, the gentle brushing of her breast again his chest transmitted the most arousing sensation that man can conceive and her knotted legs around his tights accentuated in him the desire to possess her as a lover for eternity. Her belly pressed against his, created a frenzy passion and he felt overwhelmed by the heat of her body that made him surrender to the magical call of love.
Finally, when he entered her, she held her breath and this sudden stillness surprised him, but as soon as she felt to be completely penetrated gained command of the play of love, repaying him with such ardor and passion in the way that only the very experienced lover she was, well knows.
“Put your hands around my neck.” She ordered him.
Then, with slow and deep motions of her hips, she accentuated the stimulations of their senses. Passion was reaching its apex as Annemarie got control of the rhythms of their lovemaking to create a longer and deeper orgasm and desires. He obediently followed her wishes, while she arched her tights into a curve, to better receive him, and in this way,she led him into the tantalizing dance of love. He could feel her flesh contracting over his manhood, and palpitating over him and demanding the most while her body increased the pace of her lover’s movements frantically, till they reach the peak of their convulsion and their bodies surged like a sea swell until finally calm returned again over their aroused bodies.
They spent the following two days together unaware of the passing time. They forgot about their work, duties, or other responsibilities. They only desired to be together and doing what they liked best, love each other.
End Part Two

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