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Raccinti inediti di un Novantenne - A Song of Love - Part 3 - English version

Part Three
To find that Annemarie was in love with another man was something unexpected for Gilberto. In the three years they had lived together, apart from a few of Annemarie’s flirtations, nothing serious happened to shake the knot of their union.
Gilberto had been aware of Annemarie necessities to share, from time to time, some other man and he had been tolerant over it. He had learned that her casual escapades would be short lived, in some local hotels with a man met somewhere, but all forgotten within a few hours. At her return to Gilberto’s arms, she was more eager in satisfying his sexual appetites, and their renewed intimacy reached a higher point of passion.
Gilberto gave credit to Annemarie for her sincerity; she never tried to hide her fugacious escapades to him. They were not married so he knew he didn’t have any claims of infidelity from her. He, over the time, had become aware that he must be tolerant with her. But now he was fronting a more serious contender. Annemarie’s passion for Marco wasn’t the usual flirt. It was something different and deeper that in time would take her away, and undermining their possible union. This wasn’t an infatuation. She was really in love with Marco. Possibly she loved him in a morbid way; most likely it was only the attraction of the flesh without endangering the deep sentiments of the soul. Nevertheless the risk of losing permanently Annemarie was high. Unless… Yes, it would be a possibility, he thought.  
Gilberto for days, or better for nights, Thought about a possible alternative for doesn’t lose completely Annemarie. He should speak openly to them and present them with the scheme that for some time now was taking place in his mind. He was sure that Annemarie would listen with interest to his proposal which was flexible enough for her giving her the green light to be with both her lovers, and in this way, she will benefit, rewarded equally by the two men she was in love with. But then would Marco agree?
Gilberto sent them an invitation to meet in the following afternoon. They came promptly and Annemarie looked radiant. Her love for Marco had completely changed the dimension in her life. She felt lighter and happier in her soul, and her luminous smile irradiated the inner happiness in her and clearly striking in the brightness of her eyes, and the lightness in her movements.
Gilberto seeing her transformation in so a short a time made him worry to be in the way of losing her. The evident deep feelings of her new love gave him a pain in his heart and mentally concluded, ‘She is really in love.’   
Then he spoke, “The depth of your new love is striking, Annemarie. Your happiness is clearly visible in your eyes. More than ever you look beautiful. I’m please for you.”
“Thank you, Gilberto, for your words. I see you have lost weight, is that because of me?”
“Of course, I’m worry. I have been in love with you for so long. You well know how much I care about your love. It’s natural that I’m suffering. I don’t want to lose you. It becomes imperative that I ask you a question, and I expect an honest sincere answer.”
“You should know me well, I’m always sincere.”
“Is any love left for me, Annemarie? I don’t want and I cannot lose you now or ever. My love is stronger as well as my determination to have you, whatever it cost.”
“Yes Gilberto. I’m still loving you, but… difficult to explain it. My senses are shacked by contrasting emotions and passions. I asked myself and I know I need you Gilberto. But on the other end I need you too, Marco. What should I do? You can’t command the heart… My passion for Marco is so imperative… so strong… so beautiful…Yes, I love Marco and I know I need him. He is a necessity to my life, as the blood is. Please don’t judge me because of it.”
“I always understood you Annemarie. You are a very sensual woman, and passion is part of you. It’s most likely that you have found in Marco what I miss. He can give you what I can’t. But I’m sure that at the same time you cannot find in him what I’m able to give you, we are all different, Annemarie.”
“You are right Gilberto. There are many things in you that make you unique, and Marco hasn’t. You are cool, and anything that comes from you has a reason to be. Marco instead is a burning fire. He ignites spontaneously. All must be consumed rapidly in him as the ardor of his growing passion. Both of you, and I admit it, are tremendously good lovers, but at the same time you are so different in delivery your love. To have the optimums only the complement of the two of you would give me the full satisfaction that I’m looking for. Having both of you as lovers would return to me the unique sensation of being fully loved.”
That was exactly my thought, I know you well Annemarie to say you need both of us. But what has Marco to say? Is he prepared to share you with me? Would the three of us reach a possible agreement to a complete mutual understanding and live a happy and harmonious life under this arrangement?”
    The next couple of years were transformed into a good life for them consolidating their relationship. Annemarie could manage, without creating any resentment from her lovers, an equally well distributed sharing of her affections and she could satisfy the sexual appetites in their life.
Many times, they were seen spending their spare time together in the gardens of L’Arsenale or at Il Lido beach. On those occasions, they held hands and enthusiastically talking in a friendly way and exchanging the occasional kiss in public. Together they picnicked in the parks, had long walks, saying hilarious things and consuming in this way their exuberance.
There was also another advantage in this union which solidly cemented their friendship between the two men, resulting in a profitable business venture.
Marco fame as a musician spread around the connoisseur’s circle in Venice, and it became well known that his sensitive interpretation of his musical compositions was associated with the Manin restaurant. Word of mouth rapidly expanded around the district attracting music lovers. The last two years as a soloist at the Manin made him a well acclaimed musician.
To complete his rising success was the night when unexpectedly a group of directors from the R A I, the national radio station, came for dinner at the Manin and they immediately appreciated Marco’s capabilities as a musician and composer. They made him an offer which he couldn’t refuse. They invited him to Milan where he could record his compositions.
The unexpected success with the radio station was welcomed by Marco’s friends, and Gilberto, with his fine business capabilities became the manager of the musical venture to oversee a good contract for Marco. He astutely listed the Manin Restaurant as the new business registered location and in this way gave more publicity to the already well-known Restaurant in Venice. Naturally the new musical venture created more wealth for both and cemented their friendship.
Of all Marco creations, ‘A Song of Love’ became the public favorite and the most requested by the aficionados on many of the radio stations over Europe. There was also an unsolicited poet who wrote the words for this song and those words fitted nicely with Marco’s music. Marco categorically refused to accept the singing version saying that the music wasn’t in need of words, which would distract the audience from the purest note of his lyrics.
End Part Three

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