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Racconti inediti - A Song of Love - English Version - Part 7

Part Seven
“What I do? Where I’m going for help? Would he forgive me and truly help me in this matter? He’s the only man on earth who can save my Gilberto. God forgive me…
I want him alive and I may have to sin. Please god help me, I must do it so I can see him again.  I’ll do anything, anything… Please God help me, help me and …forgive me. I don’t have any other choice. I must seduce him to save Gilberto’s life.”
Annemarie was feverish while she prepared a plan of rescue and talked to herself to infuse in her the necessary courage to carry on her seduction plan.
“I have a chance. He always had looked at me with desire. In the past he asked me but at that time I refused him. It was ridiculous to accept to marry him at that time. Would he still be wanting me with the same passion? Yes, I’ll do now id he still want to marry me, in exchange of Gilberto’s life … I’m prepared to sacrifice my life in return of his…”
Annemarie was anxious and didn’t want to lose precious time. But she knew when she would go to see the Comandante she had to look her best, she had to be the most attractive woman in his eyes, she had to create in him the illusion that she was still the woman in his dreams and ready for him.
“I’ll make myself attractive and desirable for Gianni, and I’ll wear for him that irresistible perfume, The Scent of a Woman. It will take back in his mind, the old days when we first met in piazza San Marco. He had to be newly attracted to the woman that he never forgot and had forged in his dreams. I’ll make sure that he wouldn’t resist to my capacities as a seducer. I still know how to use my charms. I make him come back to me begging. Only then I’ll be ready to negotiate with him; my body, for as long as he needs me, in exchange of Gilberto’s life. I know he would jump to it. He is a man, so it’s possible. Nobody had ever resisted to me as a lover and a seducer.”
Annemarie took the necessary time. She dressed sexily, and freely used that magic perfume. She was sure that Gianni would capitulate in front of her. The Aromatic Scent of a Woman would make her the dominatrix over that strong political man, but certainly            weak against certain memories of his past. Certainly, that a man was still so inhibited about her and he wouldn’t be capable to bridge over it.
By midday Annemarie was ready to go and meet the Comandante. It had taken her three hours to create herself the most desirable woman. A long time, even for a woman, but she didn’t regret the time she had spent, considering how important was to capture that man.
It was time to use her femininity to subdue Comandante Venturi. She was ready for that final battle. She knew how well she had to use all her magical tools to win and that was the only guarantee of success for the freedom of her Gilberto.  
“The Comandante is not here, Signora. He will be back by four. I can arrange an appointment for you at the earliest time. I’ll let you know by phone.”
“I’ll wait for him. When he comes in let him know that I like to see him.”
Annemarie told the reception officer with an authoritarian voice. Gallantly the subaltern took her to the waiting area and offered her a cup of coffee.
It was soon after four when Annemarie was introduced into Comandante Venturi’s office. Seeing her Gianni didn’t show any surprise. Most likely he was waiting for her visit as he knew already of Gilberto where-abuts.
 With cavalry he seated Annemarie on a Rococo Venetian chair fronting his desk and offered her an Amaretto di Saronno, an aromatic almond liquor. Then gently he asked,
“What good wind brings you here? I’m flattened and surprise to see you in my office.”
“It’s just about Gilberto. The Germans took him away this morning. It’s certainly a mistake. I did have the impression that he was cooperating with the Regime.”
“I’m not sure what you are trying to say with that, Annemarie.”
“Gilberto had met someone lately. He said he was doing some special work to help the Country. I think he said more specifically that it was for you. But honestly, I’m not quite sure of that. Lately Gianni was so fond when he spoke of you. He mentioned your name for something that had happen in the past. I thought it was a good idea to come and see you because of that friendship.”
“I saw Gilberto lately, but I exchanged the usual conversation with him, nothing important. But just now, Annemarie, I cannot promise much. I’ll try my influential contacts with the German Command, but you must know that to talk with the person responsible it may take some time. I’ll phone them as soon as you live.
 If I got an answer, can I see you tonight? We can have dinner together, and we’ll have time to get close again and sort out little things. What do you think, Annemarie?”
“Sure Gianni, I’ll wait for you call.”
“Before you go, I want to thank you. I see you are wearing the same inebriant perfume that you used for me in the past. You don’t know how many memories that perfume takes back. But I have to admit that in those days I was younger and foolish. What about yourself? You haven’t changed. You are still as beautiful as you were in my dreams in the past days. I’m still the same romantic, and having you so close I cannot avoid it.”
Dinner was arranged at nine, and Annemarie took great care, in that occasion, to be the most desirable woman in Venice.
They met in a reserved suite at the Gabrieli Hotel, one of the most luxurious in the city, facing the Canal Grande.
Comandante Venturi greeted her with a smile, while gallantry kissing her hand, thoughtfully accommodating her on a comfortable couch.
 He filled two glasses with a fine Riccadonna Spumante, raised his glass and told her, “To the most adorable woman in Venice, the one who still has my heart and I would never forget. I’m glad you accepted my invitation.”
“Yes Gianni, I came especially for you. Could you remember that on our first meeting I foretell that one day we would be lovers? It seems that the day has come. I promised then, that you will have the most exquisite night you have ever dream of. I’m sure that after tonight I’ll be in your bloodstream, and you want ever be able to forget me as a lover. I would stay in your memories as the most exciting love encounter in your life, as the woman capable to satisfy the wildest and greatest desires in you.”
“Dear Annemarie, you are over any expectations. I can only say I’m glad that you have accepted my invitation. Yes, let’s free the old dreams and lets them come true.”
“Yes Gianni, I promised you this a long time ago. But don’t forget that to satisfy your desires tonight would cost me. You well know also reason I am here. I’m willing to stay with you, because I want to save the life of that man, who for long time has been the fulcrum of my entire life.”
“Do we really need to talk about him?”
 “Yes Gianni, because I must be honest with you; I’m here also to save him.
“I’m prepared to give up all what I possess, for his good sake. I’m not rich; I don’t posses’ money or jewels to offer in payment for his life. I can offer tonight only the best I have. If you are accepting me I’m prepare to make the necessary deal with you. I’ll be your, Gianni in the way you best want me and as long as the debt of gratitude would be paid off. I’ll pay you with the best assesses I have, my body and my experiences as a lover. You’ll be surprised how much I can give you back, and I’ll be yours in the best way you want me and as long as you wish. Would you accept my terms, Gianni?”
“Let me tell you something before all. I spoke earlier with the German Commandant and I’ll meet him in the morning. Hopefully Gilberto would be release and if so I would take him back with me. But things in these days are volatile, and I can only promise you my best. Better we leave this to tomorrow, please. For tonight, be my lover.”
“I promised you to be entirely your, Gianni.”
“Fine, let we forget Gilberto till tomorrow. Let us tonight live entirely those dreams that have been left dormant over the past ten years. Yes Annemarie, I suffered incubus in all this year, thinking of you. You have been in my dreams most of the time and I desired to make love with you. I never forgot you since the first time I saw you in Piazza San Marco.” 
It followed a long night of passion. For the first time in her life, Annemarie pretended to love the man with who she was having sex. Nevertheless, she still enjoyed to have sex with this exuberant lover. Gianni proved to be an experience lover, capable of fulfilling her sexual desires.
At the end she had to admit that spending the night with Gianni it wasn’t a complete sacrifice. She thought that the amorous lust of their instincts had been gratifying.
End Part 7

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